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Advanced Server Management And Web servers

  • Large scale installation and maintenance of multiple web servers such as Apache, Tomcat
  • Integration and performance tuning of web services including reverse proxy such as Ngnix
  • Implementation and maintenance of multiple DNS servers including security checks
  • Planning, implementation and maintenance of regular server services such as HTTP(S), Proxy, Reverse Proxy, DNS, Email messaging services, firewall, etc.
  • Routine server maintenance jobs such as server health check up, log management, data backup, data restoration
  • Advanced Server patch management in production environment
  • Advanced automated service management (using tools) in production environment
  • Setting up of application specific server environment for high scale implementation and integration
  • Implementation of directory services (LDAP Implementations)

Futuristic Advanced Technologies

  • Setting up high performance computing environment
  • Setting up high availability computing environment
  • Cloud computing environment using Open Stack


  • Familiar with almost all versions of enterprise grade Linux distributions offered by companies such as SuSE, Redhat, Oracle and popular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS or Slackware

Software Development Using Web Technologies

  • Web application development for private & public sector clients
  • Web programming through PHP, Ruby, Java
  • Development environment, document version controlling mechanism using git
  • Highly secured and efficient server environment for best integration with production server integration
  • Managed by industry certified professionals for project management as well as server management

Open Source Database Solutions

  • Advanced database management solution
  • Competencies in MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Database administrative services including backup, recovery etc.

Networking And Connectivity

  • OS level implementation for secured networking environment
  • Setting up and Networking firewalls for better security
  • Network security monitoring using tools such as nmap, nagios etc..
  • Network security audits

Storage Solutions

  • Delivered low cost storage solution using open source storage software such as OpenNAS
  • Implement and manage proprietary storage solution
  • File and print services using open source platforms

Messaging Environments

  • Setting up and maintaining email messaging solution/environment
  • Collaboration solution
  • Chatting solution (through XMPP implementation)

VoIP And Service Desk Solutions

  • Advanced VoIP solution using award winning Asterisk platform
  • Call center and Service desk solution using Asterisk

Consulting, Outsourcing And Training Services

  • End to end solution for IT related services using open source technologies
  • Technical and management consulting services for projects of any size
  • Program and project management services for medium and large project
  • Deliver advanced data center services as an outsourced service
  • Training on project and process management, deploying certified professionals


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  • SRIT House, #113/1B, ITPL Main Road, Kundalahalli, Bangalore -560037, Karnataka, India
  • Phone: +91 80 41951999
  • Fax: +91 80 41523300
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