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Renaissance Electronic Medical Record offers physicians more than just a solution that saves a great deal of time and money. This simplified EMR utilizes the most advanced and accurate engine to create all of your medical documentation needs in real-time.


R-EMR understands that your personal data is of a strictly confidential nature and commits that your personal data is safe and secure, and is handled in the most secure manner with regular backups, Renaissance EMR is backed up on a daily basis to prevent loss or damage to your patient files.

Increased Revenues:

Our users are able to get more details because of Renaissance EMR's online ability to make more detailed notes in real-time. Our modules are designed by experienced doctors and professionals, and use the latest technology available.

Easy to Implement and Use:

The Renaissance EMR was designed in cooperation with physicians to create reports that meet documentation requirements with as few steps as possible. Navigation of the system couldn't be easier. Most of our users are fully operational within a few hours. We also offer online support as well as technical support for users.

Because Renaissance is an online service, you can access your database from any computer that has internet access. This is an especially attractive benefit for doctors that must travel or have personal practices and hospital responsibilities.

User Support and Training:

Renaissance understands that there are different user skill levels. We also understand that problems do happen from time to time. Our goal is to help make your business profitable, so we provide live training and technical support for all of our clients.

HIPAA Compliant:

Renaissance EMR is HIPAA compliant and can integrate with any modern Health Information System


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