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N’Vizion is a web based robust reporting and analysis tool, built to provide an integrated, comprehensive, consistent system to manage, communicate and report Environment, Health & Safety practices on a real time basis.

The modules that make up N’Vizion are as follows:

  • Incident Tracking (IT)
  • Industrial Hygiene (IH)
  • Environment Management (EM)
  • Waste Management (WM)
  • Occupational Health (OH)
  • Audits and Non-Conformance
  • Risk Management (RM)

Environment Health & Safety Policy

SRIT conducts its business responsibly and in a manner that protects the health and safety of its associates, customers, the public and the environment.

SRIT shall implement and maintain all such programs which will ensure that :

  • SRIT complies with applicable government and internal health, safety and environmental requirements.
  • SRIT designs facilities and conducts operations in a way that avoids unacceptable risk to human health, safety and environment.
  • SRIT produces and sells products that, if manufactured, used, handled, stored, distributed and disposed off, using product safety communications and common safety practices, do not present an unacceptable risk to human health, safety or the environment.
  • SRIT conducts appropriate research and communicates the known hazards of its products and operations with relevant health, safety and environmental protection information to potentially affected persons.
  • SRIT establishes and presents responsible and consistent positions to governments and the public concerning health, safety and environmental matters affecting products and operations
  • SRIT promotes openness with stakeholders.
  • SRIT remains committed to continuous improvement in the areas of safety, health and environmental aspects.


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