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Software Application Roll-Outs & IT Services

SRIT has designed, developed, tested and implemented various enterprise-class software for Fortune 1000 class companies in different industry verticals. Our Projects included legacy migration & reengineering projects as well. Examples are : Enterprise Solution roll-outs for the Nigeria Shell Oil Corporation, as well as for the largest local Oil & Gas conglomerate “LNG” & the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). Also, enterprise-wide deployments for the Medical Directorate of the Royal Armed Forces as well as the renowned Indian institution “SGPGIMS”.

SRIT has engineered its own enterprise modules in open source technologies (Linux operating system). Modules implemented in large enterprises are Financial & Accounting, Budgetting & Planning, Supply & Procurement, Inventory & Stores, Fixed & Enterprise Asset Management, Estimation & Cost Analysis, Engineering & Construction Mgt, Contracts & Subcontract Mgt, CRM & eDMS.

Further, SRIT has carried out multi-million dollars worth of application software development and deployment for the Fortune 500 Baxter Corporation in Chicago, seven years of enterprise solution roll-out for the renowned Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and ten years of building every part of the end-to-end enterprise suite (with SAP ERP at the centre) for TUV’s Germany, America, Spain, Japan & China operations .

Specific to the Oil & Gas Sector

SRIT provides carefully-selected oil & gas software solutions to solve today’s challenges by enabling the creativity of geoscientists and engineers through innovative workflows and comprehensive global services.

Through our technologies and services, oil and gas companies can improve business performance, reduce exploration and development risk, and realize the potential of the digital oil field.

Petroleum Systems Modeling Software

SRIT-chosen Petroleum systems modeling software combines seismic information, well data and geological knowledge to model the evolution of a sedimentary basin over geological time to predict the generation, migration, accumulation, and loss of oil and gas.

Fluid Characterization Software

Process your analytical chemistry data and interpret such data using a comprehensive suite of tools embedded within a single, easy-to-use, and extensible platform.

Seismic Processing Software

SRIT-chosen software package is a fully scalable seismic processing application featuring many interactive options and seamless integration with interpretation systems. This software application is used on data acquisition crews for all the seismic data processing services.

SRIT-chosen reservoir simulation software offers the industry’s most complete and robust set of numerical solutions for fast and accurate prediction of dynamic behavior, for all types of reservoirs and degrees of complexity—structure, geology, fluids, and development schemes.

The chosen software covers the entire spectrum of reservoir simulation, specializing in blackoil, compositional and thermal finite-volume reservoir simulation, and streamline reservoir simulation. By choosing from a wide range of add-on options—such as coalbed methane, gas field operations, calorific value-based controls, reservoir coupling, and surface networks—simulator capabilities can be tailored to meet your needs, enhancing the scope of reservoir simulation studies. The software’s reservoir simulators have been the benchmark for commercial reservoir simulation for more than 25 years because of their breadth of capabilities, robustness, speed, parallel scalability, and unmatched platform coverage. Reservoir Engineering Solution SRIT-chosen Reservoir Engineering Solution provides the ideal model-based environment for reservoir engineering workflows. It makes data flows transparent and provides an easy-to-learn graphical user interface for simulation pre-processing and post-processing.

Manage your production assets more intelligently with the industry's most comprehensive software solutions from SRIT. Backed by SRIT-chosen Principal’s comprehensive support, training, and consultancy, our products and services help you reach the next level in the digital oilfield, integrated production operations, and production engineering.

Our software technology leverages capabilities that deliver significant performance improvement with solutions from data management to production optimization. Solutions are scalable, integrated, and tailored to meet your producing-asset objectives and to reliably deliver what you need in time to respond—wherever you are.

SRIT provides oil and gas companies with leading edge information technology, software, hardware and services to increase the efficiency of their drilling and production operations. SRIT helps maximize asset value using information technology to improve the efficiency of operations by increase production rates, reduce downtime, improve total recovery and decreasing operational and capital expenses.

SRIT-chosen integrated applications include real-time surveillance and optimization; field operations management; field data capture; hydrocarbon production accounting; mobile computing for field and drilling operations and ruggedized RFID for drilling and asset management.

Stay in your operating window by understanding subsurface geomechanics and dynamic fluids behaviour

Today’s wells are expensive and complex—your best result is getting it right the first time. Integrate geoscience and drilling knowledge to plan smarter wells, better manage risk, and reduce nonproductive time.

Well control is critical in challenging environments—particularly HPHT and deep water—to avoid operating risks related to wellbore instability and failure. Our solutions provide a thorough understanding of geomechanics, coupled with unparalleled dynamic flow modeling, to help you stay in your safe operating window.

Well design

Applying geologic knowledge to drilling operations works best when drilling and subsurface teams share a common understanding. The SRIT-chosen software platform provides a common canvas for geoscientists and drilling engineers to create a shared earth model. The Well design module in the software solution platform enhances collaboration, effectiveness, and knowledge sharing, and leads to improved drilling performance, more-productive wells, and lower risk and uncertainty—whether prior to drilling, during drilling, or in postwell reviews.

  • Optimize well placement in unconventional reservoirs
  • Maximize reservoir exposure by designing a well trajectory based on all available data
  • Understand the risks the well might be exposed to
  • Monitor execution in a proactive manner and in real time, to ensure optimum well position and foresee potential risks when the actual well-path trajectory is approaching a risk zone
  • Based on any subsurface data, geoscientists can plan proposed targets based on geological features
  • One well can have multiple well plans—by comparing different well paths to go through the selected targets, geoscientists and drilling engineers can select the best well path as the future well to drill
  • Complex maximum reservoir wells can be planned, based on multiple realizations
  • Pad and well placement can be optimized, based on geological and geographical constraints
Real-Time Data

SRIT-chosen Real-Time Data Tool can connect to streaming real-time data from the wellsite monitoring and data delivery system. This gives you secure, real-time data directly from the wellsite to the desktop.

This Real-Time Data Solution can also connect data sources from any vendor, to wells in the Real Time Data software, allowing you to load trajectory and log data. This data is saved for later use.

Now, the shared earth model can be driven by real-time data, allowing you to understand the full impact of new geologic knowledge on the well while it is being drilled. Surveillance in a shared earth model while drilling allows effective cross-discipline collaboration in real time.

SRIT-chosen proven industry standard software is now available in three different packages:
  • Field
  • Operations
  • Enterprise
The software suite is designed for oil and gas companies of all sizes. Fully hosted, secure solution or installed at your site. Backed by two decades of industry best practices. Whether you need field data on a timely basis, daily allocations, enterprise wide reporting or a complete production accounting system, SRIT-chosen software package is the system that can work for you. Field Data Capture

SRIT has also chosen the oilfield’s most popular mobile field data capture application. This is a single system that can gather any type of data and integrate with other automation systems to easily manage your assets and keep your entire team on the same page.

  • Intuitive, configurable data entry
  • Color coding and graphic for immediate spotting of errors
  • Set reminders and alerts for inspection and maintenance
  • Daily field reports for additional data validation
  • Easy to implement and deploy with limited IT support required
  • Data carry forward reduces redundant data entry
  • Better, more accurate data sent to database limiting PPAs
  • Provides easy access to data, allowing for timely evaluation and planning
  • Works across all platforms including Laptop, Pocket PC and mini Laptop
  • Allows data transferred from the field 24/7
Package Includes:
  • The product suite: Laptop, Foreman, Pocket PC and Route Setup Utility
  • Analyst Setup
  • Daily field reports
  • SCADA Interfaces
Operations Daily Allocations and Company-Wide Reporting

Combine all of the features of the Field Data Capture Application with the daily allocation software application and the company-wide volume management application in order to obtain complete field data, compute accurate daily production volumes and share up-to-date information across your entire organization.

  • Configurable web based reporting to monitor production trends
  • System handles any allocations, from simple to complex including component-based
  • Configurable validation rules for error checking and SOX compliance
  • Comprehensive reports for daily production and other maintenance such as lease loss
  • Graphical, point and click environment for easy allocation setup
  • Flexible and comprehensive daily allocations for accurate up-to-date production accounting and reporting
  • Production targets and actual data easily accessible by all personnel via web or mobile technology to assist in tracking performance and meeting forecast
  • Near real-time allocated volumes enable quick response to issues as they arise and reduce operations downtime
SRIT-chosen Package Includes:
  • Enterprise wide, web based reporting
  • Daily Allocations
  • Daily allocation reports
Enterprise Enterprise Complete Production, Regulatory & Reporting

Add monthly allocations, approval of final volumes, partner reporting and regulatory filings to all the features in the Field and Operations packages to have our most complete package.

  • Comprehensive, extensive reporting systems including operated, non-operated and gross vs. net all on one screen
  • Easy to use month-end purchase, integrator and hauler screens compare field values to final statements and highlights potential problems with field data, telemetry or other operational issues
  • Ability to close oil and gas systems separately making PPAs easier
  • Integrated regulatory filings with agency-specific validations
  • Single system for all daily/monthly production data and regulatory reporting
  • Comparisons of daily vs. monthly results for volume reconciliation provides increased accuracy of accruals
  • Flexible handling of monthly close
  • Oil ticket reconciliation process enables catching costly over/under payments before accounting and regulatory use
  • Self-serve partner reporting
The Package also includes
  • Interfaces to popular revenue accounting and engineering packages
  • Daily and monthly allocation results and reconciliation
  • Flexible handling of monthly close
  • Integrated regulatory filings with agency-specific validations


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