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SRIT has implemented ERP solutions for Universities and large educational institutions. Government of India’s ICFRE, Integrated University Management System for the Akola University are recent examples

SRIT's feature-rich Learning Management System – Renaissance E-Guru enables organizations to drive productivity through effective training, content creation, and management. Totally browser-based, Renaissance E-Guru expertly simplifies the process of identifying organizational needs, acquiring or developing learning material, and managing the delivery of learning programs. It manages the profile of every learner and keeps the organization and the learner informed about the progress of learning and completion records.

Our Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application or a web-based application that is used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. The LMS provides organizations or institutions a platform for learners to interact with learning content. It also allows instructors to create and deliver content, monitor participation as well as assess progress of learners.

Renaissance E-Guru equips your training programs with easily accessible, simple-to-use, high-performance features and functionality.

Renaissance E-Guru displays the complete course catalog so that the learners can select the required courses and interact with them. A learner can self register in E-Guru through a secure registration process and access the courses. Alternatively, a single student or group of students can be registered and tracked by an Administrator using the Admin tool.

The strength of Renaissance E-Guru lies in its ability to assess the learners' skill level, generate Prescriptive Learning Plan (PLP) for individual learners, and deliver customized learning content, thus improving the productivity and efficiency of the learners within the organization.

Seamless Import of Content
Renaissance E-Guru is designed to seamlessly import any AICC / SCORM compliant content from learning content providers. The administrator will be able to build custom classes based on the content. Various features of curriculum such as labs, assessments, live or recorded lectures can be imported and sequenced for easy navigation by learners.

Integration of recorded/live lectures
Renaissance E-Guru can easily add training slides, recorded or live lectures to the classes to enhance and authenticate the learner experience.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities
Renaissance E-Guru has the capability to report all aspects of a student's progress, including which learning objects they've accessed, how many emails sent to an instructor, how many chats and synchronous sessions attended, as well as how many assessments taken. Ready-made reports are available for Activity Tracking, Assessment History, Readiness Analysis, and Gap Progress.

Intuitive User Interface
Renaissance E-Guru's web-based user interface is completely customizable and supports personal branding. The client can have a branded skin on the application featuring its own logo, text and images. When a student logs in, he will have a personal interface that lists all the courses that are assigned to him, as well as specific information related to his interaction with the content.

Customized Reporting
All reports can be exported into MS Excel and managers within the organization can then create custom reports. Ready-made reports are available for Activity Tracking, Assessment History, Readiness Analysis, and Gap Progress. Reports can also be filtered by course and learner.

Interaction with instructors via email
The administrators can add pre-determined instructor email addresses to each class so that e-mails can be easily sent to the instructors from within each class.

Integrated Assessment Engine
Renaissance E-Guru has an excellent assessment engine that renders assessment questions and automatically presents the results for users and administrators. Assessments are available at the end of each learning module, as well as at the end of each course.

Multilevel assessments
E-Guru offers pre-assessment, post-assessment and post module assessment. The latter helps learners decide whether they have understood the learning objectives. Based on the final assessments, the learners as well as administrators can determine if the student has reached the required proficiency level for course completion or readiness for a project.


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