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SRIT Utility’s BSS Software suite is designed to address all business functions of an electricity, water, and gas utility organization.

Supply of utilities (Gas, Water & Electricity) has been mostly positioned as a public service provision, resulting in heavy state control and ownership. As a result, network asset maintenance, production, generation, transmission and billing were often seen as a liability on the property than the occupier. After the de-regulation or privatization of utilities provision, the segment is now recognized as individual asset/market commodity and customers as 'assets'.

The need for creative pricing and billing models has arisen from this realization of customer's 'value'. While the complexities in pricing & billing systems mounted, the roles of Customer Information Systems (CIS) and Billing Systems have had consequential changes to keep pace with the industry changes. A significant shift from asset based billing through account based billing and finally to customer centric services has been observed in the recent years.

In the broadest sense, SRIT defines CIS as absolutely anything that assists a customer throughout his/her lifecycle - in other words, all the functions usually covered by Billing, Customer Care and CRM. Most businesses today lack the understanding of all the essential components of customer care and billing system. SRIT is striving to help companies manage all their customer activities and interactions via Web-based application environment, Renaissance Utility (R-Utility), for both employees and customers.

With R-Utility solution, organizations can lower billing & customer care costs, leverage current technology assets, implement solutions quickly & efficiently and offer advanced customer care to increase satisfaction levels and reduce churn. SRIT provides all this in an open, integrated environment with clear advantages over competitive, platform-based, closed systems in the market.

With an architectural methodology based on leveraging existing legacy systems investments, R-Utility suite of open and highly flexible products are easily implemented into existing technology architecture.


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