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“BSNL”, India’s national telecom service provider with more than 500million subscribers states the following in their testimonial dated 10th September 2013 : “SRIT’s Interconnect Billing System (ICB) is in use at BSNL since the year 2005.

Loop Mobile has been using SRIT's RConnect ICB.

R-Connect Portal


SRIT Telecom’s BSS software suite runs the Inter-operator tariff, rating, billing, customer-care, accounting, administration, reconciliation, and settlement functions of large tier-1 telecom operators such as BSNL & Airtel-Loop.

All geographical regions of BSNL use SRIT’s BSS-ICB solution. SRIT's Enterprise Software suite is deployed in Etisalat, another telecom giant.

About 150 global clients patronize the NetExpert software suite of OSI. SRIT boasts about European and Middle-East implementation of its GSM Convergent Billing Systems by SRIT’s wholly owned subsidiary Billing Components AG (

Our engagement in the Telecom space has been rich and meaningful and continues to grow strongly. Our approach has been to align with the larger global vision and intelligence, supporting it with our established capabilities in technology, implementation, and continued customer delight through our transparent, predictable systems and processes.

  • Managed Service Provider for major service providers such as RailTel Corporation’s RailWire & BSNL (for ICB)
  • Tier-1 Telcos such as BSNL & Loop Telecom have standardized SRIT’s web-based InterConnect Billing System
  • GSM & ICB Billing
  • Mediation & Provisioning
  • IP Billing, Customer Care, Revenue & Partner Mgt
  • OSS & NMS for Broadband Service Providers
Looking Ahead…

Convergence is globally touted as a big achievement for the telecom industry. It means different things to different people. Some want to be connected yet have the ability to turn this connection on and off at will. Again others want technology that increases their efficiency and makes their lives easier and more enjoyable. Everyone wants to lower costs. End users are going to demand the pay-as-you-go model, system security and good QOS. It will be essential for all service providers to have these capabilities to remain competitive in the marketplace. As the market remains competitive and carriers attempt to differentiate, increase revenue and reduce churn, the move a converged world becomes more inevitable - primarily because of the service and improvements that it can make to the end user's life style.

Internet Protocol technology provides yet another compelling reason to combine both fixed and mobile switching layers.

Some also choose to classify this age as an age of “Information Overload” and being "overconnected" - receiving inputs from various sources, such as PCs, TVs, telephones and mobile phones that we have no control over - and we feel we are on call all the time. We need a system that will allow us to better handle the inflow of information. Convergence would allow end users to control their communications channels and to control them from different places.

Carriers who would engineer their networks intelligently to meet customers' needs and to operate cost effectively will ultimately stand to be both profitable as businesses and useful to the communities they serve. Some operators will possibly end up operating as mere pipes for generic connectivity services. Others will try to become content, service and connectivity conglomerates, differentiating themselves by means of content, brand, range of products and service tie-ins.

Technological advantages will yield only a short-term competitive edge, as technology is soon commoditized. SRIT works with both the limitations and benefits of technology and therefore closely associates with industry thought leaders in making technology work for a solution.

Most businesses, especially multinationals, have difficulty finding and maintaining a resilient and comprehensive network solution from a single supplier because the network services market is so fragmented. Elements of the overall solution often have to be procured from competing network service providers (NSPs) or managed services providers (MSPs). It is increasingly appealing to outsource to a single MSP that will manage the network and associated voice and data infrastructure.

SRIT's Single Procurement Window...

Telecom at SRIT is a Carrier-Class Practice Group with several hundred man-years of telecom expertise, covering a wide range of technology & functional domains. Our products and solutions help communication companies around the world to transform and enrich their networks ensuring maximum returns.

Revenue from voice services and the margins on data services continue to fall in matured markets the world over. Restructuring operations will help to rationalize costs. But all network service providers (NSPs), especially incumbent telecom operators, must diversify to find new sources of revenue that will bring sustained revenue growth and profitability. Network access revenue continues to increase from "value-add" Internet-related services like Web-based e-business (B2B trading), Web-based e-commerce (B2C retail), caching and hosting. SRIT’s product portfolio is growing both organically and inorganically through strategic acquisitions keeping these emerging business dynamics in mind.


Today’s telecom billing has undergone a seismic shift from being a cumbersome back office system to an explosive growth industry attracting attention throughout the telecommunication industry. For service providers bills are of the top most priority for revenue objectives. For customers they form one of the prime bases for the evaluation of service expectation. These continuous changes need to be well supported by a flexible system that ensures accurate billing and helps in boosting revenue streams.


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