SRIT in Government Solutions (eGov)

In the Governmental sector, in addition to Healthcare Enterprise Systems that we began in April 2000, we set-up our Enterprise eGovernance Business Unit in 2005. Since then, we have commissioned more than eleven eGovernance projects.

  • eDistrictproject has been one of the five enterprise-class projects in the eGov segment this past 3 years, with twenty-eight more district roll-outs in 2013-2014. This project is to do with automation of services provided by every district administration.
  • SRIT has already enabled more than 10,000 Citizen Service Centers (CSCs) to launch online citizen-centric-services such as the issuance of birth registration certificates, death certificates, residence certificates, caste certificates, SEBC certificates, disability certificates, nationality certificates, solvency certificates, income certificates, OBC certificates, certifications meant for revenue & court cases such as legal heir certificates, mutation certificates, pension, national family benefit, RTI, grievance, Public Distribution Systems – modification/duplication of ration cards, valuation, fire relief, land pass book, and a host of other services.
  • Other notable enterprise-class eGov projects commissioned during the years 2009-2012 include the One-Day-Governance project for Orissa; the national Plant Quarantine Information System (PQIS) for the Central Ministry of Agriculture; Agricultural Information System Network (AGRISNET); an end-to-end enterprise governance system for the Central Ministry of Environment & Forests. This project got announced as India’s first enterprise eGov project for large governmental enterprises; Financial System for the National Minerals Development Corporation (NMDC), a GoI PSU.
  • For governments such as Bhutan, we have deployed end-to-end police automation; agricultural department automation including PQIS, & Agricultural Marketing System (AGMARKNET); Automation of Departmental Office Procedures for Government Enterprise. 
  • After 5 full years of piloting the RailWire Broadband Project alongside Government’s RailTel Corporation, SRIT has been chosen as the Managed Service Partner (MSP) for RailWire. A special Purpose Venture (SPV) in the name “RailWire ICT” has been setup in April 2011.

  • In the educational sector, in addition to the end-to-end enterprise solution for Govt. of India’s institution graduating its IFS officers, SRIT is poised to begin enterprise automation of a University and its Colleges in Akola.

SRIT in Telecom Solutions

In the Telecoms sector, we address both the OSS & BSS software. We work with a number of telecom service providers/operators across 21 countries, most of which are tier-1 like BSNL, Tata Tele, TCL, Airtel, AT&T, Telekom Malaysia, Singtel, Thai Tele, Japanese NTT, New Zealand Telco, T-Mobile, and Vodafone European countries. Our wholly owned subsidiaries are telecoms OSS software and www.billing-components.com for telecoms BSS software.

SRIT in Healthcare Solutions

Automation of Hospitals, Diagnostic Institutions, and Clinics
Of particular interest to SRIT is the State’s eHealth – automating all the key functions of the State’s Primary Health Centres (PHCs), District Hospitals (DHs) as well as the multi-speciality & tertiary hospitals. Clinical, Radiological & Medical Imaging Management Systems. Parallely, also delivering a practically implementable solution to address the shortage of medical specialists in the State, by making teleradiology, telepathology, telediabatology, telecardiology and teleneurology happen. Our solution would encompass tried, tested & proven Pharmacy Drugs, Inventory Control & Mgt modules, Fixed Asset Management including tracking, Supply & Procurement, Finance & Accounting, Budgeting & Planning, Electronic Document Management, HRMS & Payroll modules.

SRIT is currently rolling out its clinical, radiological, medical imaging systems as well as its end-to-end Hospital Enterprise System at India’s premier medical institution, The Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS), both for SGPGIMS’s teaching college as well as its 1000+ bed tertiary/multi-specialty hospital.

SGPGIMS’s Director-General has gone on record stating that, “patients would no longer have to stand in queues to get appointments with doctors”; “most of the facilities would be made available online. It is the first in the State to implement the system”; “patients will not only be able to pay their bills online but also check their pathology reports, MRI & CT scan reports with the click of the mouse”; “records of all patients will be maintained online and this will allow patients to discuss their health reports with more than one doctor at a time”; as the data is available online, it can also be used to carry out research”; “the new system will also save the time & effort spent on producing duplicate images in cases where patients misplace their original reports”; “the prescriptions would also be available online”; “experts will also be able to access accurate data related to the finances, diet, engineering, and distribution of medical aid, thus helping them in conducting research and financial planning”.

GoI recently contracted the National Cancer-Care Network (national telemedicine for cancer-care) to SRIT through its prime PSU contractor ITI Limited. Implementations in 3 States.

In addition to implementations in governmental health and private-sector healthcare provider space, we have commissioned hospital management systems for hospitals belongings to overseas corporates such the SHELL Oil Corporation, LNG Oil Corporation, Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation (11 healthcare facilities of ADNOC Oil Corp) during the year 2006-7 and 2008-9-10 respectively. These were prior to our healthcare division’s divestiture by Ernst & Young (EY). As a matter of fact, starting 2002, we have carried out end-to-end HMS incorporating clinical, radiological & medical management systems for 26 healthcare institutions across 11 countries including America & Germany, Nigeria & Botswana, Malaysia & Thailand, ME&GCC countries. These deployments prior to the Ernst & Young-managed divestiture included HIS, Radiological Information System (RIS), and Picture Archival & Communication System (PACS) / Medical Imaging System.

The very first roll-out of our open-standards technology Healthcare Enterprise System is for the government’s premier 1000+ bedded multi-specialty/tertiary hospital-cum-medical teaching institution in Lucknow. This eHealth system implementation comprises of clinical, radiological & medical imaging management solutions.

Key data points in so far as SRIT’s Healthcare ICT offerings are,

26 successful roll-outs across 11 countries : Implemented clinical, radiological, medical imaging systems as well as hospital mgt systems including hospital ERP at renowned hospital institutions such as the North Dakota Hospitals & Blue Water Diagnostics in Americas, Chulaborn Cancer Care Hospitals & Tropicana Fertility Hospitals in SE Asian countries, the Mauritian Chest & Heart Hospitals, ADNOC & Welcare Hospitals in UAE; Hospitals in Oman, Kuwait & Bahrain; LNG, Shell & Botswana American Hospitals in the African region, the seven Royal Medical Hospitals in Jordan, all prior to the Ernst & Young (EY)-managed divestiture. Among the Indian implementations prior to the EY-managed divestiture are Aditya Birla Memorial Hospitals & Asian Heart Hospitals. Implementations include telehealth systems.

Financials & other enterprise components: Our end-to-end hospital enterprise expertise encompasses financials, accounting, budgeting & planning, supply & procurement, fixed asset management, laundry, dietary, Human Relationship Management System & Payroll (HRMS&P), Electronic Document Management System (eDMS), and Hospital Equipment & Maintenance.


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